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Best of Marisa Dal Santo

When the squad was chomping on them rails, Marisa was right there with them getting absolutely BUCK. She’s a groundbreaking women’s skater and this edit is a rad collection of some of her heaviest moves.

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Franky Villani in the NB# video: "Rooks of Hazzard"

The New Balance Numeric team featuring Franky Villani, Tyler Surrey, Jack Curtin, Marius Syvanen, Jordan Trahan, Anthony Schultz, Chad Tim Tim, and Levi Brown try to survive their rookie moves in the Southeast. From the article in the TWS February issue.

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Jenkem Interview: Forrest Edwards Gets a Zero Boards

Jenkem Magazine interview with Jamie Thomas about the recent Christmas release of these Forrest Edwards pro Zero models.

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Franky Villani's YouTube: "Kinky Turtle Neck"

Another edit from Franky's own YouTube page!

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In The Loupe: Joey Shigeo on Tony Cervantes

Photographers and jewelers use loupes to get a better look at extremely fine details. In our “In The Loupe” series, photographers share the finer details about some of their jewels with us. When The Skateboard Mag’s Joey Shigeo shot this candid 2006 photo of Tony Cervantes in Mexico City, it was completely by chance. This remains a deeply mysterious photo; there are still so many unanswered questions about what’s going in on the frame.

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