Berrics Top 50: 31 | Jamie Thomas - Battle Commander

The Chief's Battle Commander, the first filmed in the new Berrics building, was a star-studded affair. Cole, Hosoi, Mountain, and Muska all had clips, which made this as much of a tribute as it was a showcase for Jamie's ageless ripping. But the most striking aspect was his decision to utilize a diverse quiver of boards. Jamie, riding through every era of skateboarding, convinced us that this next chapter of The Berrics was shaping up to be something special.

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Dane Burman & Jamie Thomas in "10" on The Berrics

On December 7, 2007, first appeared on screens worldwide. For the tenth anniversary of their site, they invited dozens of friends to skate an obstacle specially made by Keen Ramps for the occasion.

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First Try Fridays at The Berrics with Jamie Thomas and Chris Cole

If Jamie can land this first try, Chris is going to treat him to Benihana's.

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Windsor James Interview: Grey Skate Mag

Grey Skate Mag caught up with Windsor during the Parisian leg of the "We Are Supra" Euro Tour last month for a quick chat about progressing in your 30s, arrogance, the Olympics, print magazines and Windsor’s new welcome to the team Supra Chino colourway.

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Jamie Thomas in Russia | ROARK: Four Wheeled Diplomacy

Volume 13: "Runaway Club" - Jamie in Russia with the Roark Revival.

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