Chris Wimer - BANGIN!

When Chris Wimer lived near Virginia Beach he would work as a boat detailer Monday through Thursday, then he film his Zero "No Cash Value" part [2015] Friday through Sunday. He kept this up for close to six months and ended up with one of the strongest debut parts in recent years. His Bangin' was no different: this was all filmed during a few short sessions.

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Chris Wimer has kickflip crooks on LOCK!

What are the requirements for having a trick “on lock”? Well, let’s just say that it’s a variation on the classic wisdom: “Buy low, sell high.” You start small and gradually move on up to the biggest rail in the park, all in one session. Chris Wimer does just that with his textbook kickflip crooked grind.

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Trickipedia: Dane Burman - Shuvit Noseslide

This week Dane Burman tackles the Shuvit Noseslide.

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Best of Marisa Dal Santo

When the squad was chomping on them rails, Marisa was right there with them getting absolutely BUCK. She’s a groundbreaking women’s skater and this edit is a rad collection of some of her heaviest moves.

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Jenkem Interview: Forrest Edwards Gets a Zero Boards

Jenkem Magazine interview with Jamie Thomas about the recent Christmas release of these Forrest Edwards pro Zero models.

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