In The Loupe: Joey Shigeo on Tony Cervantes

Photographers and jewelers use loupes to get a better look at extremely fine details. In our “In The Loupe” series, photographers share the finer details about some of their jewels with us. When The Skateboard Mag’s Joey Shigeo shot this candid 2006 photo of Tony Cervantes in Mexico City, it was completely by chance. This remains a deeply mysterious photo; there are still so many unanswered questions about what’s going in on the frame.

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Jamie Thomas & The Whosoevers Collaboration

Jamie Thomas spoke to the students of Bowman High School in Santa Clarita, CA on the importance of having life goals, never giving up, and following through with their dreams.

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Franky Villani's YouTube: "Pooooooop"

Franky killing it at West Chester Plaza the other day with friends Nathan & TJ

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Anthony Vega: The Livin' Video

Flow killer Anthony Vega holding it down for East LA in his recent parts from "The Livin' Video"

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"No Cash Value" Vol. 5 Video

No Cash Value No. 5 is the finale of the series and it's a hell of a way to go out. With full parts from Windsor James and Dane Burman and a ripping team montage, it's everything you'd hope for in a Zero vid. Their legacy of brutality is secured with this one.

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