Tommy & LRG friends' "Afternoon in the Park"

Some of the LRG squad came down to break in our new park. Trent McClung, Tommy Sandoval, and Carlos Ribeiro went off. Catch these dudes’ amazing parts in 1947 out now!

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Tommy Afternoon in the Park

Tommy Sandoval - '1947: Researched'

Tommy Sandoval is a beast. His part in LRG's 1947 is nonstop banger after banger. But don't think he didn't have to work for it. Tommy kicks off 1947: Researched, the first in a series of raw, uncut edits around the LRG video.

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Tommy - 1947 Researched

Tanner Van Vark's 3rd place run at this years Tampa Am

Congrats to Tanner Van Vark for getting 3rd place at Tampa AM this year! Here's his second run from the finals

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Tanner Tampa AM

Jamie Thomas - 'Heavy Metal'

Jamie's part from the 1995 Toy Machine video, 'Heavy Metal'

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JT - Heavy Metal

Dwindle 'Fuck Yeah' Tour Edit

The Dwindle Distribution 'Fuck Yeah' Tour edit:
2 Weeks, 4 Teams, 10 days
Zero, Cliche, Enjoi and Almost Skateboards

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Fuck Yeah tour