Jamie Thomas

Hailing from Alabama comes the founding father of Zero Skateboards & Fallen Footwear, Jamie Thomas, a.k.a. ‘The Chief. As an original pioneer of groundbreaking street gnar on the board, Jamie continues to push himself to progress while balancing both family & business; while still enjoying skateboarding daily.

Hometown: Dothan AL

Stance: Regular

Sponsors: Zero,Fallen, Thunder, Bones Swiss, Mob Grip Ollo Clip, Active Ride Shop, Citizen Juice

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Tommy Sandoval

One of Chula Vista’s finest to ever set foot on a board, Tommy Sandoval or ‘T-GUNZ’, is an absolute maniac on four wheels. His relentless shredding assualt must be seen in person to truly grasp the extent of his skating’s insanity. No hesitation, 100% anihilation, leaving no spot unscathed in his wake. Tommy man-handles the big rails, stairs and gaps, but also effortlessly makes tricks look smooth on ledges and manual pads as well. Tommy’s a loving father, inspired chef, reggae music lover, and good homie to his Chula posse for life.

Date of Birth: December 2, 1985
Hometown: Chula Vista
Sponsors: Zero, Mob Grip, Krux trucks, Bones bearings, Rica wheels, 9five eyewear, Fallen Footwear, LRG clothing
Favorite Skaters: Arto, Rowley, Reynolds, JT.
Favorite Skate Spots: Chula Vista spots and anything in Mexico.
Favorite Team Member: Brockman & Cervantes
Setup: deck: 8.125, trucks: Krux down lows, wheels: Rictas 52mm, bearnings: Bones Swiss Mob Grip

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Dane Burman

One of the newer Zero team additions, Dane is a good example of a mix of old style of Zero work ethic mixed with today’s contemporary approach to mixing tech in with gnar. Burman keeps it fun the whole way through with a unique personality and sense of humor, which perhaps can be partially attributed to him hailing from Australia. Dane is definitely one to watch for where Zero riders will be taking skating in the future.

Hometown: Sydney Australia, Stance: Goofy, Age: 26

Sponsors: Zero, Fallen, Modus Bearings, 99 Degrees Skateshop, Thunder, Spitfire, Volcom Aus

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Nick Boserio

Brass will always be the guy who makes everybody laugh at a funeral. There are good people, and there are bad people … Brass is good people. He’s funny as shit and he rides his skateboard with an energy that is entertaining to anybody lucky enough to watch him do it.

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James Brockman

Brockman is possesed to skate and there’s no other way to put it, dark forces just may be afoot when James is barreling toward the precocious obstacles which he chooses to make his prey. If the world were Brockman’s oyster, then his skating would crash down on the unsuspecting spots like an unholy apoccolyptic tidal-wave. The crazy part is, along the way James might take some horrific slams and climb right back up the stairs for another go at it without a second thought. This sort of lights-out determination yields way to super heavy video parts. If you need something to bring out the demons in you before you go do battle with the hammer gods in the streets, then fire up one of Brockman’s sections and really get stoked.

Date of Birth: Tuesday February 22,1983
Hometown: San Diego
Sponsors: Zero, Fallen, Thunder, Pacific Drive Psockadelic, Lucky
Favorite Skaters: Chris Larue, Louie Barletta, Erik Ellington, Heath Kirchart
Favorite Skate Spots: Everywhere & nowhere
Favorite Team Member: Tony, Brass or Dane
Setup: deck: 8.147, wheels: 52mm

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Garrett Hill

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Tony Cervantes

Everyone has something that stands out about them on Zero, but in general everyone’s skating speaks for itself and Tony Cervantes is a prime example of this. He’s always had that classic Zero rail/stair/gap trick bag to dip into, but also puts his personal spin on the tricks he does on these standard obstacles.

Date of Birth: April 20 1989
Hometown: Whittier CA
Sponsors: Zero, Fallen, Destructo
Favorite Skaters: The GONZ.
Favorite Team Member: All of them.
Setup: deck: 8.25, trucks: 5.50, wheels: 53mm, grip: black

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John Rattray

Originally from Scottland, John Rattray is a veritable skateboarding ATV with a deep bag of tricks and a keen eye for interesting spot selection upon which to execute them on, over, down, under, et all. Not afraid to slay any harsh tranny without hesitation, and also not a stranger to the varied urban landscape that cities have to offer across the globe, Rattray really is a well-rounded ripping man of the world. Be sure to check out his site thepredatorybird.com for some clever and interesting and often skate-based posting, and die-hard Rattray fans will also want to check his work in the “Beez” videos as well as the now cult classic skateboard industry parody film, “Machotaildrop“.

Hometown: Mos Eisley
Sponsors: Zero, Thunder, Poler, Modus, Mob Grip, Loud
Favorite skaters: Bounty hunters
Favorite skate spots: Moon-sized imperial military space-stations; as long as the stormtroopers are on their holidays

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Adrian Lopez

Adrian Lopez was present for the conceptual discussions of Zero Skateboards and in 1996 he became the first official team rider. After 2 parts in 411, a shared part in the Emerica video Yellow and his debut part in Thrill of it All, Adrian turned pro in 1997.Adrian’s anti-social approach to skateboarding was influential to the no-nonsense nature of the brand. His trick selection and unique skate style to sounds of classic heavy metal ballads also helped define the identity of the brand for future generations.While pushing the boundaries of his signature tricks, Adrian was on fire in the late 90’s and early 2000’s with the release of Misled Youth and Dying to Live.

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Chris Wimer

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