CCS Artist Spotlight: Mikey "Boss Dog" McKennedy

For this CCS artist spotlight, they tapped a local Portland legend and fellow pizza enthusiast, Mikey “Boss Dog” McKennedy. Boss Dog is a Portland-based artist that contributes to a favorite Portland Pizza Shop, Sizzle Pie, on the regular. He explains his nickname, his thinking behind the graphics, and how he feels about Portland.

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Jamie Thomas & Friends: Skate or Dice on The Berrics

When it comes to handrails, the Chief is no stranger to rolling the dice. But, when he's betting against The Berrics casino, will he be a big winner? Or will he be left with zero (dollars)?

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Zero YouTube: Chino Park

New video up on our YouTube of the team messing around at Chino Skatepark after the signing at the local Active Ride Shop.

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The House of Vista 3 Year Anniversary & Zero Collaboration

Big shout out to Mike and Ted Bricke for continuing to relentlessly show support for not only Vista, but all of North County SD. If you haven’t been to the shop yet you’re missing out on something special. Get your ass over there and buy a board!

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Tommy Sandoval: WM Pipehouse 2018 Ep 1

The Weedmaps skate team returns to Hawaii for round 2. See T. Gunz, Boo, Jaws and Marius shred the island on both land and sea. Witness Twitch getting broke off on a scooter, Jaws gets loopy and T. Gunz almost "dies tryin" to surf

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