James Brockman

February 22, 1983

Brockman is possesed to skate and there’s no other way to put it, dark forces just may be afoot when James is barreling toward the precocious obstacles which he chooses to make his prey. If the world were Brockman’s oyster, then his skating would crash down on the unsuspecting spots like an unholy apoccolyptic tidal-wave. The crazy part is, along the way James might take some horrific slams and climb right back up the stairs for another go at it without a second thought. This sort of lights-out determination yields way to super heavy video parts. If you need something to bring out the demons in you before you go do battle with the hammer gods in the streets, then fire up one of Brockman’s sections and really get stoked.

Hometown: San Diego, CA
Sponsors: Zero Skateboards, Thunder Trucks, Pacific Drive, Psockadelic, Loser Machine & Lucky Bearings
Favorite Skaters: Chris Larue, Louie Barletta, Erik Ellington, Heath Kirchart
Favorite Skate Spots: Everywhere & nowhere
Favorite Team Member: Tony & Dane
Setup: deck- 8.0, wheels- 52mm

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