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October 10, 1989

HOMETOWN: Born in Canton, OH but grew up skating in true-east Mesa, AZ.

STANCE: Regular

SPONSORS: Zero Skateboards, Loser Machine, Freedom Boardshop, Glassy Eyewear, Receptra Naturals CBD & Sock Posse

 FAVORITE SKATERS: Arto, Rowley, Ethan Fowler. Corey Duffel. Levi Brown.  Every person that is in 'New Blood' greatly influenced me.

FAVORITE TEAM MEMBERS: Dane Burman. James Brockman makes me laugh. JS Lapierre. He is a great mythical beast.

FAVORITE SKATE SPOTS: The Wedge, Apache Junction Skatepark, the flatbar outback, anywhere the road takes us.

SET UP: 8.5 boards, any size wheels but bright colored, Black Widow bearings... I guess I need to get some other sponsors to fill this out.