Adam Arunski

Image of ADAM ARUNSKI skateboarding

October 10, 1989

Adam grew up in Arizona and has always been a Zero fan. He’s now fully on the team, is the US sales rep, and contributes to all the functions of the brand. When he’s not calling shops or taping up boxes, he’s bleeding in the streets to film. He makes no excuses & knows his time is now.

HOMETOWN: Born in Canton, OH but grew up skating in true-east Mesa, AZ.

STANCE: Regular

SPONSORS: Zero Skateboards, Fallen FootwearLoser Machine, Freedom Boardshop, Glassy Eyewear, Pig Wheels & Liquid Death

 FAVORITE SKATERS: Arto, Rowley, Ethan Fowler. Corey Duffel. Levi Brown.  Every person that is in 'New Blood' greatly influenced me.

FAVORITE TEAM MEMBERS: Dane Burman. James Brockman makes me laugh. JS Lapierre. He is a great mythical beast.

FAVORITE SKATE SPOTS: The Wedge, Apache Junction Skatepark, the flatbar outback, anywhere the road takes us.

SET UP: 8.5 boards, Pig Wheels