Chris Wimer

Image of Chris Wimer skateboarding

April 20, 1992

Chris Wimer washes boats during the week & travels up & down the East coast to skate & film on the weekends. Although he has trouble seeing the big picture, he has a savant-like ability to focus on the subtleties as he breaks skateboarding down into a micro patterns of movements. His bag is deep & every trick is cocked & loaded.

Hometown: Virginia Beach, VA

Sponsors: Zero Skateboards, EmericaThunder TrucksSpitfire WheelsBronson Speed Co & Mob Grip
Favorite Skaters:
Jon Allie, Gilbert Crockett, Miles Silvas, Dan Lu; the list goes on and on!

Favorite Skate Spots:
North Carolina overall, So Cal spots, everything

Favorite Team Member:

Board Setup
: Boards – 8.5 Board, Thunder Hi-149 Trucks, 52mm Spitfire's, Mob Grip & Bronson Bearings