Jonno Gaitan

Image of JONNO GAITAN skateboarding

July 7, 1995

Jonno grew up a few miles from the Zero offices & has been ripping around town for years. He’s a new father & works for his dad in his automotive business. Embracing his blue collar roots with style, Jonno brings humility, creativity & enthusiasm to the team.

HOMETOWN: San Marcos, CA

STANCE: Regular

SPONSORS: Zero Skateboards, Emerica, Psockadelic, House of Vista SkateshopOJ Wheels, Independent Trucks & Hardluck Mfg.
Loser Machine

FAVORITE SKATERS: Arto, Ellington, Boulala, Figgy, Grant & Pat Burke

FAVORITE TEAM MEMBERS: Gabbers, Brockman, Tommy Gunz, Allie & Gus

FAVORITE SKATE SPOTS: anywhere the homies are!

SET UP: 8.5 Board, 159 Indy's, 55mm OJ's, Hardluck Six Ball Bearings