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Tommy Sandoval
December 2, 1985

One of Chula Vista’s finest to ever set foot on a board, Tommy Sandoval or ‘T-GUNZ’, is an absolute maniac on four wheels. His relentless shredding assualt must be seen in person to truly grasp the extent of his skating’s insanity. No hesitation, 100% anihilation, leaving no spot unscathed in his wake. Tommy man-handles the big rails, stairs and gaps, but also effortlessly makes tricks look smooth on ledges and manual pads as well. Tommy’s a loving father, inspired chef, reggae music lover, and good homie to his Chula posse for life.

Hometown: Chula Vista
Sponsors: Zero Skateboards, Mob GripKrux TrucksBones BearingsRicta Wheels9Five Eyewear, & LRG Clothing
Favorite Skaters: Arto, Rowley, Reynolds, JT.
Favorite Skate Spots: Chula Vista spots and anything in Mexico.
Favorite Team Members: Brockman & Cervantes
Setup: Deck- 8.125, Trucks- Krux down lows, Wheels- Rictas 52mm